Amsterdam is one of the most recent places I have visited as I travel quite often so I get to capture many stunning images.
I visited Amsterdam in November on a  college trip. The great thing about traveling with the college is that there are many other art enthusiastic students and teachers.              They encourage us to sketch objects in the galleries and occasionally we  do the odd sketch outside. This to me, makes me appreciate the area in much more detail and see more beauty in the area I am sketching.
We visted many museums in the city such as the Kröller-Müller gallery,
Van Gogh Museum and FOAM Photography Museum.

Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. The most beautiful part of the city is that there are millions of bikes everywhere.
So I feel this image I have chosen is one of my favourite images from the trip. This image really reminds me of my trip to the city with the canal and the beautiful buildings in the background. The red bike in the front of the image which is very cliché, but it gives it that beautiful look.


The Box Head


location: kröller-müller gallery, Amsterdam

The box head is one of my current art pieces for my A-level art project.
The box heads resemble anxiety by making them look lonely and as if they are tying to hide who they are.

As the face is hidden it gives an uncomfortable and unsettling feeling to the image

The one behind the photographs


This is me, Jodie. However I like to spell my name with a double ‘e’ (Jodiee) as I like to hear people say my name with more enthusiasm and excitement and so that my name is more eccentric and makes me more unique.

I am now 20 years old and from the age of 16 I have ran my own business  capturing images; selling greeting cards of landscapes of my local area, North Wales. I also have my own little studio where I do family portraits. As I live in a small village, business is very quiet however when Christmas comes around my Christmas themed portraits are very popular.

I am currently in college styding A-level in Art & Design and would love to go on to study a honners in degree in photography and futher my career in the art industry.