The Climbing Photographer


Location Beacon Climbing Centre Caernarfon

Photography has always been a hobby of mine however when it comes to working and taking photographs it can become quite repetitive but I still enjoy it.

Recently I have had an amazing opportunity to work for the Beacon Climbing Center in Caernarfon, as climbing is one of my favourite activities. To combine one of my favourite hobbies with one of my favourite activities is such a great experience for me. Whilst I have been working in the beacon as a photographer it makes me question what will I do after university, and if I will want to work as a photographers assistant or focus more of my work into sports photography as I feel my standard of work in this erea is quite high and  that I enjoy this type of photography, as I love to capture the strength of the climbers and the way they dance on the wall. Making  it look so easy yet it requires so much strength and power to complete the most difficult of moves and this is why I love to photograph this sport as there is so much to capture.


more images from the previous climbing competition