Climbing, Climbing 

Climbing is my favourite sport to shoot

Why ? The muscle defenition the power that they have and there love for the sport.

Hylldrem is a very popular spot for climbing and my favourite place to shoot. The moves are hard and you need a lot of enthusiasm and strength for these boulders this us why it’s my favourite spot to shoot.


Box Heads “Dead Inside”


Finally finished my A-level in Art and design and can’t wait to see the garde I have been given for this year’s work and I am very excited to start my foundation course in art and design.

For the end of my course we held an exebition to display our art work to the public. I created a short movie piece showing my box heads and skull heads

In this short film piece I have created. I have used layers to show what is beneath the box

The area I have used is my home town which is currently dying with the amount of shops closing I thought this would be a perfect place to shoot my box heads as my title is dead inside for this set of work




“GRAEN” Magazine

Graen magazine is a small magazine created to show that north Wales is not a hobbiton or a fairy Glen it’s to show people in North Wales are rock like people, the mountain people to show that Wales is a place for cool people.

I was very lucky to get the chance to work for this magazine where I got my own page in the first issue.

Working for this magazine had been the best bit of my photography career as I have been given VIP passes to festivals to shoot some images but that is not the only cool thing. I have also got to meet some other photographers such as the well known photographer in climbing Ray Wood. I also got to meet a well known suffer Jack Meeks who I interviewed for the magazine.

In my article about my self I wrote.            “Jodie Evans is a 19 year old photographer from Harlech. She shoots outdoor sports, Climbing, Surfing, capturing body movements and artistic, sinister looking images. She is strange like that. She uses a Cannon 70D and photoshop CS6 to edit”

If you want to know more about Graen check out the website.