I am currently at the University Of South Wales studying BA (Hons) in Photography

I have created this blog to showcase my work,

I’ve taught myself to take better photographs through constant curiosity and exploration with shutter speeds and aperture settings. Trial and error have informed me of what can work and what doesn’t work. I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am now with my photographic work and I’m still improving, progressing and developing my work to a more sophisticated level. In 2012 I started up my own photography business selling greetings cards of my Photographs of the local area to shops within my local area in North Wales. I have small studio space set up in my home for portrait shoots and I occasionally shoot weddings.

I currently work part-time for a magazine called ‘Graen’ a small magazine created to show the interesting aspects of people that live in North Wales, the subjects I photograph have included Surfers, Skateboarders and artists, and I sometimes write small articles also. I also currently work part-time to take photographs at my local climbing centre (Beacon) of there competitions

I hope you enjoy my work



Email: Photographing.jodie@gmail.com



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